Three Reasons To Leave Your Fire Damage Remediation To The Professionals

If you've read much about fire damage restoration, you know that it needs to start as soon as possible after the event in order to prevent further damage to all soot-coated surfaces. After all, the soot is acidic and chemical-filled and can cause rust, discoloration, and other unpleasantness. And you're there already, so why should you wait the few minutes it will take to call up the professionals and get them over to your house? Here are three reasons it's a better plan to allow the professional team to do their job and not tackle this yourself.

1. Safety

Your personal safety is a big issue whenever fire damage is present. Smoke inhalation is a very real danger and soot can interact with your belongings in unsafe ways. And in addition to the direct fire damage that could undermine the structural support of your house, a house fire can also result in water damage. Firefighters use water to put out a fire, so in addition to smoke and soot and questionable structural support you now have the possibility of electrified pools of water in your house as well. Because of all the complications that can arise from an involved situation like this, having the training and expertise (and personal protective equipment) that damage remediation professionals have is essential to ensure safety when working in this environment.

2. Efficacy

It's true that waiting for the professionals may cost you a few minutes of potential clean-up time. But if you're still tempted to work on it yourself before they arrive in spite of the dangers present, consider this: the professional team can bring in more people, better equipment, and the most modern cleaning supplies to deal with the situation. You're not likely to have specialized cleaners to deal with each type of soot that may result from a fire, so your cleaning efforts are starting out at a disadvantage. In addition, if you have "wet smoke" damage, trying to clean it up may just smear it around and grind it into the wall more. It's a tricky problem that requires professional attention.

3. Cost

You may be thinking, "Calling the professionals is more expensive than taking care of it myself would be, not less!" You could be right. But have you talked to your insurance company lately? They may require you to use a certain remediation company after a fire. Even if they don't, if you try to clean things yourself and fail, they're not going to want to pay for it because they'll feel that you didn't do everything you could to prevent or repair the damage. Plus, your insurance company may actually pay for the professional cleanup if you have house fires included in your policy. So hiring the professionals is a win-win situation for you.

These three reasons demonstrate a few of the important aspects of using damage remediation professionals after a disaster in your home. Be sure to talk to your insurance company if you don't already know which professionals they recommend, and then waste no time in calling the damage remediation team, such as Nordic Services Inc.  

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