3 Types Of Plumbing Maintenance That May Help You Avoid Water Damage

When a plumbing pipe is the cause of a flooded basement, you can easily locate the problem, and you will have two issues to take care of. The first one is removing the water, and the second one is fixing the broken pipe. When a contractor fixes this pipe, you may also want to have him look for other potential plumbing problems in your house. Plumbing problems can be a nightmare, but you might be able to prevent them by repairing any potential issues you may have.

Major corrosion

The contractor can often determine potential problems by examining the exposed plumbing pipes in your basement ceiling. The main thing to look for in this is corrosion. If the pipes are old, they are likely made of copper. Copper does last a long time, but it will eventually corrode.

If there are any copper pipes that have signs of corrosion, now might be the time to replace them. Replacing these pipes could prevent another major water disaster in your home. To replace them, the contractor would have to cut them out and put in new ones.

Loose fittings

As the contractor looks at the plumbing pipes in your ceiling, he will also look for loose fittings and connections. Plumbing pipes can run horizontally or vertically, but at some point the pipes turn. At each turn, you will see connections and fittings. These are there to hold the pipes in place and ensure that the water stays in them.

When there are loose connections in your plumbing, there is a risk that one will fail. If this happens, water can burst out and cause water damage to your home. Replacing any loose or faulty connections is a great way to prevent further water problems in your home.

Pipes exposed to extreme temperatures

Another thing the contractor could look at is pipes exposed to cold. If there are areas in your home that are not heated, any plumbing pipes present should be insulated. Uninsulated pipes exposed to extreme cold weather have the potential of bursting. When a pipe bursts, it can cause a major mess, but you can prevent this.

To prevent it, the contractor could insulate all exposed pipes. Insulating them keeps them warmer and reduces the chances of your pipes freezing.

Water damage is something that can occur in many ways, but it is not something you can put on hold. When it happens, you will need to immediately clean it up. You will also need to make sure the source of the water leak is fixed. To learn more about water damage, contact a damage contractor, such as those at Accutech Restoration, in your area today.

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