Tips For Fixing Your Home's Basement Drywall After A Water Leak

Now that your home's basement water leak has been permanently fixed, it is time to repair any drywall damage. The good news is that even if the area in need of repair is large, fixing drywall is a very simple project as long as you have the right supplies and use the proper techniques.

Use these tips to ensure you fix your drywall like a professional contractor:

Tip: Fix Smaller Areas of Damage with Easy-to-Use Drywall Patches

If the area of your basement wall that needs to be repaired is small, then you should use a drywall patch. These patches come in a variety of different sizes and are available at any hardware or home improvement store.

Using a drywall patch requires that you cut the drywall out of the wall, and then you simply place the new patch into the hole. The patch already has tape around its perimeter that you stick to the wall. On top of the tape, you apply a layer of mudding compound, just as you would when applying drywall tape from a roll.

Tip: Use the Right Tools for the Job

One of the most important aspects of a quality drywall repair is to use the right tools. For example, you should use a razor knife to cut drywall. Using a brand new blade will ensure that your cuts penetrate the drywall's paper the first time and will help them to be as straight and exact as possible.

Additionally, you should always use a metal ruler or square as a guide for cutting drywall. This makes the lines that you cut as straight as possible.

A taping knife can be purchased at your local hardware store and is the tool used by professional drywall contractors. The wide blade of the tool spreads out the drywall mudding compound in a thin and uniform manner. This eliminates the need for an excessive amount of sanding to finish the joints for painting. Using a smaller putty knife will work, but it will leave a lot more lines and indentations that you will have to sand later.

Finally, If you are repairing a lot of drywall, then you should use an orbital or palm sander. The sanders work much faster and easier than trying to sand the drywall mud with sandpaper. For smaller areas, you can wrap your sandpaper sheet around a block of wood to make sanding the area a lot easier. For information on flood cleanup, click here.

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